Artificial grass: selection rules and benefits


Artificial grass: selection rules and benefits

Plastic grass is an imitation of a real lawn. The base of such a coating is rubberized, and the upper material is polyethylene. In general, many companies create artificial turf, since the product is really very popular. Lawn decking can be seen in a wide variety of terrains, with the refurbishment of golf courses being a prime example.

Playgrounds for various sports games also fit into this category. To prevent water from accumulating on the surface after rain, some of the coatings have drainage systems. The best artificial grass is the one that you choose based on your initial goals, as what is good for one occasion may not work for another. You can order beautiful and high-quality artificial grass Miami by contacting «Perfect Pavers».

Where is synthetic grass used

There are several areas in which synthetic grass is used quite often, the purpose will depend on the strength of a particular material. First of all, this is landscape design, since the use of such a flooring greatly facilitates all the work. But not only gardens and stadiums are decorated with such grass, it also includes playgrounds and recreation parks. The material does not deform from the weight of a person and easily transfers mechanical stress. Cleaning such lawns is also very simple, just use a special shampoo.

How to choose artificial grass

When choosing a coverage, study in detail all the offers on the market; you should not immediately settle for the cheapest product. Before buying, be sure to feel the pile, it must be elastic. Color is one of the main selection parameters. Choose models with natural matte shades only. Correctly selected flooring will last much longer.

Benefits of artificial grass

First of all, against the background of real grass, synthetic wins in terms of service. Virtually no maintenance is required, and it is not afraid of direct sunlight. The look of the artificial grass is always perfect. In operation on the playground, this herb reveals even more of its practical properties. Let’s consider the most significant of them.

Real grass grows only in certain seasons, and in unfavorable weather conditions it will be simply inconvenient and unsafe to play on it. An unnatural lawn covering does not change its properties in any way during temperature extremes, does not absorb moisture and does not rot.

In addition, the artificial turf has a springy layer that softens the impact of a fall. Ordinary grass often leaves burns, in the case of polyethylene this is excluded. For this reason, from a safety point of view, it can be said that artificial grass is simply irreplaceable in playgrounds.

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